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We are experienced professionals who will work with you to deliver a music entertainment experience that will enhance your event and help sustain memories for years to come.

We spend the time with you to understand the ambiance you want to create for the event and then we suggest services to deliver events that exceed expectations.   

Client Comments

Jimbo, we had such a great time last year at the show the first thing we wanted to do is have you back.    The combination of live music and the DJ is hard to beat -- our customers are still talking about the 2018 event.   

- Santiago Martinez, Elliott Electric Supply​


Jimbo, you are always a great source of entertainment for my business.   You are always punctual and flexible for my customers, and I know we all genuinely enjoy you being here.   Thanks for all your help.

Deb Carducci, The Grape Escape


I can't always count on my musical entertainers to truly add value to my business -- but you are the exception!    You are a real business partner.   Your work demonstrates your commitment to my success -- and delivers value each and every day.

- Jag, owner The Lion's Den

"A local, Jim (Jimbo) came in to stand-in for a no-show music act and filled the place with energy, yet kept the volume ​under control, so you could still have a discussion without yelling across the table.   A man and his acoustic guitar was the perfect mix for the location."

- customer of Espiritu Fine Wines & Spirits (Frisco Square)


Jimbo, the video wall changed (for the better) the entire vibe of the venue.    That would be a game changer to draw more people to view a sports event.

- Michelle, Bartender at Green Gator of Frisco

Jimbo, you have always been a great partner for our business.  Your live acoustic set is excellent and has a wide variety of songs!    As a consultant, you helped us upgrade our sound and lighting and wired us up for video projection.   Finally, you customize your DJ materials to our client audience of the night, always delivering a great show!

- Ken Long, owner Varsity Club, and Varsity Road House

Jimbo An Invitation

Give us a try and see what your clients have to say!

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