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JImbo DJing at a gig
Music Entertainment


Jim Poulson Productions provides music entertainment to make your events memorable.  Indoor or outdoor, formal or casual -- each event is customized to help you achieve your desired results.   If you need a live musician, a DJ or a Trivia game (or all of the above) we can deliver.


At Jim Poulson Productions, we provide music and video entertainment for your event.  For clients in the Dallas and Fort Worth, TX area, we offer live acoustic shows,  DJ/VJ services and live trivia contests as well as video wall rentals and music entertainment consulting.   

  • Acoustic Guitar shows

  • DJ/VJ shows

  • Trivia Contests

  • Video walls

  • Custom entertainment

  • Consulting Services

Great music & video entertainment can make or break your event.   The food and decor will be remembered for a week -- but the music and great time will be remembered for a lifetime.

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