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"Jimbo, you are always a great source of entertainment for me. You are always punctual and friendly to me and my customers, and I know we all genuinely enjoy you being here. Thanks for all your help!"
Deb C.

"I can't always count on my musical entertainers to truly add value to my business — but you are the exception! You are a real business partner. Your work demonstrates your commitment to my success — and delivers value each and every day."

"A local, Jim (JIMBO) came in to stand-in for a no-show live music act and filled the place with energy, yet kept the volume under control, so you could still have a discussion without yelling across the table. A man and his acoustic guitar was the perfect mix for the location"
Scott E.

"Jimbo, my customers like the variety of music you play, and they love the music videos. For me, as an owner, having a single source for live music, music videos, and karaoke is a great benefit — I can always count on you to deliver. "
Rob H.

"Jimbo, you have always been a great partner for our business. Your live acoustic set is excellent and has a wide variety of songs!   As a consultant, you helped us upgrade our sound and lighting and wired us up for video projection. Finally, you customize your DJ materials to our client audience of the night, always delivering a great show!"
Ken L.