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Live Music, DJ, VJ, Karaoke, & Trivia to Entertain Your Customers

Give your customers and guests an evening to remember. Jim Poulson Productions offers a number of entertainment options for venues in the DFW metroplex. From DJ services to open mic nights, we have something for everybody.

We use different sound systems and equipment to match your needs. We offer sound system consulting services, and we use a number of professional  brands, including:

Bose™ | JBL™ | DBX™ | Martin™ | Fender™

Customers Dancing at a Club

Live Music

Every live music show we do is unique because we actually listen to your customers and tailor the show to what they want to hear. With a library of more than 700 songs, we can play the rock, country, and pop that your patrons love. This means they will want to stay longer and spend more in your establishment.

Open Mic Hosting

Let your customers show off their talents. We host Open Mic Nights where we invite people to join us on stage, or they can perform solo. We also provide a full PA system that gives visiting musicians and singers an easy way to set up and integrate their equipment.

Disc Jockey & Video Jockey Services

Using the latest digital technologies, we play the songs and music videos that your guests want to hear. Our DJ services are tailored to your clientele and the music they prefer.

 Trivia Nights

Guarantee yourself a packed house by hosting a trivia night where groups of friends compete for bragging rights and prizes. The program is called Freakshow Trivia, and it is customized to fit the needs of your venue. It combines the basic structure of traditional pub quizzes with music videos and a live host. By engaging your customers, they will have a better time and will always want to come back.


Make your customers and guests the stars of the evening with our hosted karaoke. We use innovative technology, including an iPhone™ or iPod Touch™ solution that allows performers to choose the song. For those of you looking to sing the latest releases, we are even able to download new material in real-time.

We use professional-quality sound reinforcement equipment, such as the best backing tracks, mixing, and digital effects to ensure that your guests sound amazing. Our programs are designed to be fun for everyone.